Somali cultural Assoc.

Somali cultural Association (SCA) is dedicated to promoting Somali culture, values, traditional / contemporary Arts and poetry in Australia. The Association now undertakes a Bookfair, Eid festivals and exhibits art by many Somalis and other African artists throughout Australia. SCA hosts exhibitions and The Horn Spectrum – a series of talks about the east-African culture in all its aspects. A. Aden Ibrahim is the current president and one of the founders of the Somali Cultural association and Somali Art Society of Australia. SCA Promotes Somali-Australian cross cultural exchange while preserving the Somali heritage, identity, pride and Values.
• To promote the image and profile of the Somali Australian society within the larger communities.
• To build positive relationship with public and private institutions to enhance services to respond to the needs and competencies of the Somali Australian.
• To advocate on issues of concern to the Somali people in Australia.
• To provide education, counselling and other support services to young Somali Students (Homework Support)
• To provide programs to help our seniors and keep them from isolation.
• Fight violence and delinquency by investing in children, youth and families
• Develop and promote the community’s traditional values and a sense of belonging.
• Establish the first permanent Somali cultural Museum in Australia