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SCA Article


The eruption of civil war in Somalia was both sudden and fierce. For those caught in the midst of the chaos there was little choice but to flee the country at their earliest opportunity.

Their escape was not only extremely dangerous, but chaotic, terrifying and heart wrenching. Families were torn apart, children often the tragic victims in the desperate flight to unwelcoming destinations. Various routes of escape were chosen, from unseaworthy boats, to flight through dense jungle towards Nairobi. Some made it to safe haven but sadly so many others did not.

There was no possible return to a war-torn country for most Somali refugees; theirs was a choice between life in a foreign often hostile host country, or death at the hands of bloodthirsty warlords, marauding gangs.

Australia accepted many of these traumatised people as they sought a new life, and this book takes the reader on a journey into mayhem and terror and eventual re-settlement in a country so far from all things familiar.

There are so many stories, so many broken dreams but there are also the many uplifting experiences of those Somali people who have become Australians. Many have achieved so much both in lifestyle and in hope for the future and it is important their chulture and artifacts in thier homeland exhibited and studied.

The works of the coming exhibition offer by visitors a significant overview of the artist’s oeuvre and paint
a picture of a landscape rich in beauty, colour and culture.

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