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SCA Article

SCA Article

The Somali Museum of Australia is the first museum in the world dedicated to preserving traditional Somali culture, language and history.

Displaying a collection of over 570 pieces arts, books and real size costumes of all Somali locations.
While there once was a national history museum in Mogadishu and other smaller ones in regional cities, the contents of those museums have been looted and scattered around the world. Melbourne is now home to one of the world’s largest collection of Somali artefacts, Paintings, costumes and over a 300 books of the Somali literature, it is now also the home of this unique opportunity for cultural learning.

The Somali Museum’s mission is to use this collection as a tool for education: making it possible for young Somalis who have grown up in the Australia to connect with their culture, as well as the other communities of other ethnic heritages to encounter Somali art and traditional culture for the first time. The Museum’s programs explore the changing role of traditional arts and culture as the Somali people move across borders and time. By promoting the highest forms of Somali creativity, the Somali Museum believes that it can also help to diminish harmful prejudice and misunderstanding.

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