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SCA Article

SCA Article

Culture is the set of ideas, concepts and agencies used to structure the behaviour of a people.

Cultural imperialism, is the set of ideas concepts and agencies used to structure the behaviour of a people in to what is required to bring about a harmonious stable and law-obeying society in accordance with the will of those in the real power.

The root ward of culture is “cult” and the seen in other words such as agriculture, horticulture, and cultivate.

Running through all of these terms is the idea of human efforts and influences in the growth and development of something.

Social culture (the shaping of human behaviour) is the goal of all religions and structured education.

Because there are cultural errors, misleading ideas and foreign cultural influences, there is a need of cultural reformation! Or awareness

We become imitators of cultural influences, outpost garrison, and mouth piece for dominant cultures around our neighbouring countries.

One of the most effective ways to suppress or dominate a set of people is to find their historical weakness in our case “tribal” by putting a device in this case “tribal” in the fundamental structures of governance (4.5 system of power sharing) in place is a recipe of continues failures and self-destruction that will disassociate our people from their unity and aspirations. Such devices have been used against us as a people.

Those who have any sense of understanding, ethics and their own nationalism have been punished, exiled and marginalised; while those who identify with (our) their oppressors are rewarded.

A parenting initiative has to be established, an initiative that forces parents and children to become introspective and diligent. At the core of the Somali leader’s crises is our failure to assume total responsibility of the destiny of our people. Blaming the other is not the answer. Nearly 150 years ago a Somali elder, educator and freedom fighter Sheikh Abdi Abikar Gāfle said of the Somali people and their leaders “without education there is no hope for our people and without hope, our future is lost” –

Through “cultural imperialism” our people have been stripped of their identity and redirected to a new definitions provided by those who created and left a legacy of suppression.

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