Somali cultural Assoc.


Somali Cultural Association is a charitable non-profit organisation originally formed in March 1995 to gather East-African Artefacts, oral folk stories and publish information and to promote understanding of the people, cultures, languages, values and landscape. For the last several years we have been collecting and exhibiting Somali cultural artefacts in Australia.
Our current focus is to secure a permanent museum here in Melbourne for educational purpose you can help – just support the course and contribute to help our projects. Every little bit helps.

Lobbying to find work experience placement and suitable jobs for young Somalis with tertiary qualifications from Australian educational institutions.

Providing free access to computers, Internet, and other office facilities and advice to enable community members to access the job market and community information.
Providing homework club for primary and secondary school students of Somali descent whose parents do not have the means of hiring a private tutor and need extra assistance in Science, Maths and English on one-on-one tutor basis to reach basic literacy and numeracy benchmarks required for their level of education.